How Video Game Technology Evolved

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game technology has flourished in such a way that it got an upper hand over other technologies to a great extent. You should not wonder when you come to know that annual sale of video games has reached as much as 64 billion dollars .Video game technology has an indelible impression on the economy of the world. Video games have become the necessity of life not only for children but people of all ages. Video games remained in contest with other hobbies and entertainments and overcame all of them .During the last 40 years video game technology gained a tremendous development. Here are some salient video games that were introduced during this period.

OXO, the Galaxy Game

Whenever a new thing is introduced a race has been observed to come in forefront .As far as video games are concerned, the first ever video games was seen in 1950. The name of this game was heard to be OXO that was quite similar to Tic-Tac-Toe. There was a gap of 19 years between the incoming of second game that was introduced in 1971. Student Union, Stanford University introduced it by the name of the Galaxy Game. After seven years of this event Atari 2600was introduced in 1977. It gained a vast popularity among the people.

Atari 2600 Intellivion, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The economic worth of video games was introduced and companies related to this field gave much attention toward this profit able market .So Mattel introduced a Atari 2600 new product with the name of Intellivion in 1980. Meanwhile another company was thinking to do something in this arena and the trend was introduced in the market in 1982.Observing all this Japanese could not lag behind in video game technology .Japan brought Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) along with Super Mario Brothers to entertain people.

Saga Genesis, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii

The race of this technology carried on and the concerned companies accelerated their pace to do more in this area. So the early 1991 witnessed another video game namely Saga Genesis .It took hold of the market and enjoyed a lot of business. Play Station introduced PS2 with a gap of eight years in 1998. In reaction, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates brought a production Xbox in late 2001. Microsoft also released Xbox 360 in late 2005 while PS3 came in the market soon after. Nintendo, a company of Japan introduced the Wii in late 2006 while Play Station reinvented with their own motion Play Station controller Move in 2010.

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