Best Video Game System in the Market

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360 and Nintendo’s Wii are known as main video game systems in the market. These video game systems have a number of positive qualities as well as some negative ones that are manageable easily. As far as system functionality is concerned Sony’s Playstion 3 is bagging the great potential. Playstation 3 lacks full qualities. It is not only costly but also with a design of unusual nature. Playstation 3 big in size and clunky. The existing game selection of Playstation 3 has unavoidable faults that frustrate the players. However it is hoped that artisans will make impotents in this regard.

On the contrary XBOX360 has a great selection of games that include a number which are specified for the XBOX. All the games of XBOX360 are in High Def. The interface of XBOX360 is very easy to play. Owing to its online availability it is very easy and convenient for the customers to buy mini games, add-on and game content, high –def movies and TV shows. The price of XBOX360 is less than the Sony PlayStation 3. The noise of its DVD and cooling fan is among the drawbacks of the XBOX. The size of power supply is too big to be ridiculous. It lacks the facility of built-in wireless networking. There are only three USB ports in it. In order to play HD DVD moves, you cannot do without a heavy external support. If you intend to play online, it needs a paid subscription to XBOX Line.

As far as price is concerned, the Nintendo Wii is the cheapest among the major three game systems. It has a revolutionary controller that provides an exclusive motion- sensitive option of game play. The Nintendo Wii has built-in Wi-Fi facility that provides free online services. The actual console bags great nostalgia appeal. It can be run with all GameCube games and controllers. The Nintendo Wii has the facility of SD slot for storage and photo viewing.

You can purchase the best game system from the market keeping in view your pocket. If you do not afford an expensive game system, you may get Nintendo Wii. In case you afford an expensive system, you are suggested to buy Sony’s Playstation 3.

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