Top 5 Best Light Weight Games For Android Device

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Are you feel good to play games and you are searching for the best games to play at home then you come to the right place. In this article, I will explain the top 5 best lightweight games for you to play on your android device without and destruction.

If we go play store and search for lightweight games manually then it takes more time and you lost your data also because install the games and try. If you are really like to play games then you love this article because I personally test all games then I select the best games.

Top 5 Best Light Weight Games For Android Device

If you think my smartphone is mid-range and your given games cannot run then don’t worry I explain games whose graphics quality is good and the size of the game is less.

1.Ninja Dash Run


If you like running games with actions and stunts added on the game then this one is the best game for you. In the ninja dash run, you run on the game and defeat enemies and clear the round. This game comes with offline and online mode.

To make this game more interesting you get 8 different scenarios and you use any scenario in your any level and it helps you feel more interesting. This game is more engaging graphics and I already tell you I suggest the game that runs on any smartphone. You will download this game from the Play store and the size of the game is only 64Mb.

2.8 Ball Pool


This is my favorite game and I play this game offline but in my home, I play this game more than an hour a day using this 8 ball pool game. Now we come to 8 ball pool game this game comes with online play but there is practice mode also available to play offline. In editor choice, this comes to underscore 10 so you realize the power of the game.

If we talk about its graphics then you get amazing high-quality graphics. Using this game you play multiplayer in online mode. If we compare the size of the game then that was amazing because it also installs on your smartphone in 59Mb.

3.Head Ball 2


If your football then head football 2 is a funny football game. This game comes under the sports category and you will play this game online only. If you feel bore and you love to play football then you play this game at your home.

In this game, you get stick buttons on your screen to operate and the best part of this game is the players on the gameplay football using their head. This is the most challenging game and you always play this with 1v1.

In this game different tournaments are available and you can play this game with different country users. In head football, you play for free but some paid items are available if you want then you purchase. If we compare the size of the game then this game comes under 100Mb.

4.Ludo King


Ludo King is my favorite game and I think you also play this game with your friends because we can say this is a family game. This game was most popular in this lockdown because everyone stays at home and play this game with their family member for entertainment.

If we say the major feature of this game is you play the game offline and online mode. In my case, I play its local or computer mode daily. If you want to play with some unknown then you select an online multiplayer option because that connects with some other Ludo King user. You can chat with your opponent and share emojis with him. This game available on play store for free and the size of the game is 44Mb.

5.WCC Lite


If you love cricket then you definitely download this game because this is a cricket game. The full name of this game is World Cricket Championship and its full version is available but that lag on your device if your searching for lightweight game.

In wcc you play all type of cricket match it may be test or t20. This game is available on the play store for free. This game is available in 9 languages to simplify the user’s experience. Personally, I suggest if you looking for a game under 100mb then this is best because the size of the game is 65Mb only. To run smoother on your device you need just 512Mb.

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