5 Amazing Cool Website to do Something New

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The Internet is the only place where you spend lots of time, by the way, we can say the internet will kill your time easily. Basically, we use the internet to entertain our brains. If you are looking to do something new using the internet then in this article you get so options to do a news task.

If we search for a website to do some new or entertaining task then billions of websites available but I filtered out 5 amazing websites you like.

So We start our journey……

5 Amazing Cool Website to do Something New



If you are using the internet then you spent so much time using social media to share gifs or chat with your friend. To share different gifs with your friend you need custom gifs. To create custom and unique gif you use this website and it creates amazing gifs in a click.

There are various options available to create a gif but I will explain how you create a gif using a video. Open and click on the video to gif option available in the menu bar. Now upload your video and select the duration you want to make a gif.



When you working on projects or research then sometimes you don’t focus on your project then this website will help to increase productivity or to focus on a particular task.

This website plays some relaxing music in the background. According to some research, music is good medicine for the human brain to relax or focus. I use this website to relax my mind when I write articles or do some research.

You think this website just plays music so why don’t I use youtube. If you use youtube then you don’t get all pieces of music because this website combines some music and creates a unique one for users. You can create a custom music list and play at any time.



Rollapp is a website where you run Windows or Linux portable software on your computer without installing on your system. If you don’t know about portable software then I describe it in short.

Portable Softwares are the software that runs on your system without installing it. When you run the software then they create a temporary file in your system and run on your system, when you close the software the temp files are deleted from your system automatically.

Rollapp creates a cloud interface between you and the software when you open the software it will automatically create the temp files and run directly. You run more than 340 plus app using The best thing is you use 90% of programs for free on this website and some programs are paid to use.

As an example, if you want to use notepad++ to edit some text document but you don’t install in your laptop then simply open and search for notepad++ software and complete your work easily.

You will save your time by using this virtual software website.



If you want to use your laptop or desktop as a gaming console then you use this website. The best thing is if you are playing any game on your browser and for a better experience, you can use your smartphone as a controller using this website.

To make a controller just visit and open the same website on your device also now you need to sync between your pc and mobile. Now you can use your smartphone as a controller open any game available on the air console website and play better.



If you are working on a company or student then you know the importance of typing speed. KeyBr is an online typing simulating website where you learn or boost your typing speed.

The best feature I like this website is anyone can start learning from this website. It gives a different lesson to improve your typing speed whereas if you are a beginner then you start from the beginning or you know basics then you skip first some lessons. In Keybr i can practice at any time and it is available for free.

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