3 Action Games to Play on Your Android device

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Action games are the most popular games on every gaming platform. If you play games then you play action games on your smartphone. When we play action games we use our all fingers to operate the games.

In play store, there are so many categories games are available but in this post, I will explain 3 Best Action Games to Play on Your Android device.

Day to day the mobile graphics capability increasing and its effects on gaming industries. Smartphone users now like to play high graphics action games. Now game developers companies bring the dekstop games for mobile devices.

Desktop games are more popular and the live example of one game is PUBG. If you don’t decide the best action game to play then read the full article to decide which game is right for you.

3 Best Action Games to Play on Your Android Device

1.PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

If you like to play online multiplayer games, then this game gives you a marvelous multiplayer feel. You may play or hear from your friends regarding this game.

In this game, the total no of the player is 100 including you. This game starts with a zone which was you select before starting the game. To become a winner in this game all players collect weapons, medicine kit ( Bandage, Energy Drink ), and start killing to other players.

This game available to play in single and duo mode if you play in duo mode then you have a team. To become a winner you need to survive till the end of the game.

To become alive you kill other players available in the game if you survive till the end then you are the winner of the game. Firstly this game launched for pc now but now this game is available for Android and ios devices.

If you want to customize your character which will beautify your character dressing, hairstyle, or more but for customization, some stuff comes for free and some are paid.

As an example, if you want to use an eagle shirt on your character then you need to purchase from PUBG store. If you play pubg then you hear about Royal Pass, it is a pass where you share your get some extra feature unlock.

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2.Free Fire

free fire

If you go to install pubg on your device but you see the minimum requirement to install is higher and the game doesn’t run smoothly on your device then the best alternative for action game lover is Free Fire.

Free Fire also a super action multiplayer game where you get all scenes like pubg but the best thing of this game is any low specification android device can run this game smoothly. If you compare then Free Fire is little bit low graphics but i guarantee you will get extensive experience if you use this game.

You buy some stuff for your character which looks good after wearing it. You can customize your character and change it with some existing samples.

3.Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game and you get amazing graphics when you play. If we go for fighting games then you found this game in the first position.

In this game, you get some iconic character who fights with other characters or opponents. You will fight with your opponent using different skills that are available as a button on your phone, you just need to take the right step to win the match.

This game is available for android and ios devices and you can download this game from play store or ios stores. If you want a game which is mixup of Action and figting the you play this game.

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